Hi, I’m Pat Matthews.

Squirrel, writer, and nut fanatic!

About Pat

Unsurprisingly, Pat did not start her life out as a squirrel. Like most of us, she started out as a human (see photo evidence on the left) and lived as a human almost all of her adult life. An undiagnosable infection, treated by the only doctor in town (a vet), turned her world upside down and left her, well, um, uh…more squirrel than squirrely. Squirrel-Pat has turned to the written word as a way to communicate with the world. In her new form, she is a prolific, if easily distracted writer (and collector of nuts). Unfortunately her squirrel hands are far too small for the keyboard so she (and all of you) will have to depend on me to transcribe her (adorable and erratic) tiny scribbled notes.

Squirrel-Pat is more than excited to announce the publication of her first book which is aptly titled, From Squirrely to Squirrel: My Nutty Life.*

* Book tour will begin after winter hibernation

From Squirrely to Squirrel: My Nutty Life

by Squirrel-Pat Matthews

For release right after winter hibernation, a ground-breaking (and nut breaking) novel From Squirrely to Squirrel: My Nutty Life, by first-time squirrel, first-time author Pat Matthews.

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